Why Should You Choose A Private School?

You are ready to go back to school, you are ready for a career, but then the big questions start to present themselves.  What should I do? Where should I go to school?  If you are reading this you probably are here because you are interested in the programs that McKay Career Training has to offer.  That is step one:  Look for what you want and don’t be afraid to go after it.  Whether it is a two-year program, like Massage Therapy, or a six-month program, like Veterinary Office Assistant, do not let worry or doubt hold you back.

But why would you choose a private, vocational school?  There are the obvious reasons:  small class sizes, programs that will get you into the work force quickly, and instructors who truly care about your success.  But, for me, McKay Career Training was much more than that.

I was always a good high school student, I worked hard and wanted to do well, but I didn’t know what I wanted from my future.  School is expensive and I didn’t want to spend time and money on something I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do long term.  I poured through career catalogues and I never quite found the right fit.

Eventually, I enrolled in university.  I wanted to make my parents proud – I knew they wanted me to go to school and I thought that university was the key to a long and successful career.  At first, university seemed fine.  But, it didn’t take me long to realize that university was NOT the place for me.  I got lost, no one cared whether or not I showed up to school, and no one cared how well I did in school.  I was a number.  My future career seemed too far off in the future, and I felt stuck.

A few months later I found an advertisement for McKay Career Training.  Little did I know that this ad would change my life.  I felt a little tentative during my meeting with my admissions advisor, I still felt the sting from my university experience, and I did not want to make the same mistake again.  But McKay was different…right away.   My admissions advisor warned me that school was going to be difficult, this was not an easy program, but she also reassured me that I could do it.  She told me about all the support I would receive along the way and I felt at home.

School was challenging, but my instructor was amazing!  She became a true mentor to me and she was as committed to my success as I was.  I was no longer a number; I could see my future and I was excited about it.  I was held accountable – I needed to be in class and work hard and that only pushed me to want to do better.  This was where I belonged.

I am now more than ten years into a successful career and I feel as though it all began the day I came to that first appointment.  If my story sounds like your story, make that first appointment.  Come in to meet with an admissions advisor.  McKay Career Training can change your life too!  Your career starts here!

– An Anonymous McKay Graduate