The following video is called Things to Remember for September.

It is a quick guide for students who are registered at McKay Career Training, or, are still registering 🙂 . With all the fun and sun of summer, it is sometimes easy to get distracted from a soon-to-be student’s ultimate question….am I ready for college yet?

At McKay, we want you to get the most out of your education and a crucial part of that is being prepared for the commencement of classes.

A full text of our List/ Checklist can be seen below the video.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!

From everyone at McKay Career Training


Ok, so you are all registered for your Program.
You are excited, nervous and counting the days…until September! So what can you do now, while you wait?

The following is a list of Tips to remember for September:
* These tips can be applied to any start date throughout the year

  1. Know the Details

    • Information that you should know, long, before the commencement of classes:
      1. Program start date/ start time
      2. Duration of Program
      3. Where is the campus located?
    • How am I paying for my Program?
      1. Have arrangements been made with my school?
      2. Is there anything that I need to do before my Program starts?
      3. BTW, McKay offers ‘thee’ best Student Loan assistance of any college in Saskatoon!
  2. Supplies

    • What do I need to bring?
    • Generally, each school will give you a list specific to each program, but here are some Supply Tips:
      1. Pens, pencils
      2. Notebooks, binders
      3. Mini-calendar (or similar Smartphone app)
      4. Laptop (if applicable)
      5. Clothing/ uniform (specific to program)
  3. Textbooks

    Each program will have a required list of textbooks. Make sure you have this list before classes commence so that you can have some or all necessary books required for your first term or semester.

    Sometimes, there may be opportunities to buy second-hand books from previously graduated students…which can save you money!

  4.  Be Mentally Ready!

    We all want to enjoy summer to the fullest, but consider that, just around the corner, is the training that will shape the foundation of your life. It’s your career!

    Additionally, if you tackle most of your pre-college preparations, early in the summer, you will feel more confident and relaxed….and, then, enjoy your summer to the fullest!

    It is also worth mentioning that if you have personal matters that are consuming your focus, it is worthwhile dealing with these before the start of classes….so you can focus on being a great student 🙂 (though, we are all human and understand that this is not always possible)


In closing

During the splashes, laughter and fun of summer, take the ‘occasional’ moments to think about your coming education. Think of How it will make your life better, think of Why you want that particular career, and then, ask yourself AM I ready yet?

Original content by McKay Career Training


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We continually update our curriculum so you learn the relevant, marketable skills that today’s employers are looking for, including medical billing, office procedures, transcription and much more. Graduates of our Medical Office Assistant Program have found fulfilling careers in medical offices, emergency clinics, public health facilities and more, including Saskatoon Health Region, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and all three Saskatoon hospitals!


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