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Welcome to our Testimonials page.
This is an area where our Proud graduates, present and past, get to express the level and
quality of education that they have received here at McKay Career Training!

We encourage students to showcase their successes and stories so that the students,
future students, and staff of McKay can embrace and acknowledge our community
as a whole.

Taya Mennie | Graphic Design Specialist – Graduate

“I would, 10/10, recommend the graphics course at Mckay. I just graduated in April 2019.
I learned so much, the instructor is amazing. And I was able to get a job a month after
graduating! The school is downtown in a great location,
right next to the bus depot.”

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Zoe Petch | Graphic Design & New Media Production – Graduate

“I graduated from the Graphics/ New Media Course back in October and I learned so
much, the instructor really helped me expand on my skills with new media and design
in general. It also opened up a lot of doors for me now for work and I’m glad I took the
course as a whole!”

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Brandon | Criminal Justice – Graduate

“I completed the Canadian Border Service’s Officer Induction Training Program and
received my Letter of Offer. I’m writing to say thank you for everything you taught me
over the course of the Criminal Justice program. Your lessons on the Criminal Code of
Canada and how to read legislation allowed me to have a good firm grasp of the
Customs Act, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.
Again, thank you for everything you have done that has helped me achieve my dreams.”

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Molly and Angela (video) | Massage & Hydrotherapy – Graduating soon

To find out more about this rewarding Program, click here
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Serenna Cunningham | Veterinarian Office Assistant – Graduate

“I loved signing up to be a Veterinarian Office assistant, all the staff was so nice and helpful
I also loved my teacher Shanda Winterhault she is not only an amazing teacher but an over
all amazing person, she pushed me threw when some days I was ready to give up thank you
so much for being there for me and now I have a permanent position at Lakeview
Veterinarian Clinic and I couldn’t be more happier with my decision of going to school with
this course. I loved it so much that I was sad it had to end thank u McKay career training staff
and I hope more students sign up and take their course here so they can be happy with their
decisions too!:)”

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