Our Team - McKay

Our Team

A Team of Professionals

At McKay Career Training, we are proud of the dedicated Faculty and staff that represent the heartbeat of our school.

Our professionals, with a combined experience of 120+ years, are certified, registered and enthusiastic to teach the programs specific to their respective industries. Our support and administrative staff carry out a range of duties that include step-by-step student loan assistance, general student inquiries and many other core roles to ensure that your stay at McKay is comfortable, consistent and career-orientated.


Our team includes:

Lorelei Bender
Lorelei Bender - Medical Office Assistant Instructor

How long have you been with McKay?
20 Years

Who are you as a professional?
Lorelei obtained her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology) from the University of Saskatchewan. She is a graduate of our very own McKay Career Training and holds a diploma in the Medical Office Assistant program. Lorelei has not only worked in the medical field, but has years of experience in teaching post-secondary classes. She looks forward to meeting each new class and sharing her love for the medical field.

More about Lorelei…
When Lorelei is not working, she enjoys traveling with family, spending time outdoors and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Educational Quote
Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future.”
Ed Markey


Ashley Chase
Ashley Chase - Medical Administrative Assistant Instructor

How long have you been with McKay?
1+ Year

Who are you as a professional?
Ashley is a Medical Office Assistant graduate with a passion for teaching and watching students grow into professionals. Additionally, she has a diploma in the Veterinary Office Assistant field. Ashley believes in ethical practices and hard work.

More about Ashley…
Ashley is a friendly individual. She has three kids, instructs full time, and enjoys being out in the sun and doing activities with her kids and dogs in her free time. 

Educational Quote
An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin


Joanne Chisan
Joanne Chisan - Massage Teaching Clinic Instructor

How long have you been with McKay?
A number of years

Who are you as a professional?
Joanne is a Registered Nurse.

More about Joanne…
Joanne likes to paint, go for walks and just relax on her off time. Come say hi to her, she likes to talk. 

Educational Quote
Work hard and stay positive.”


Courtney Horsley
Courtney Horsley - Medical Office Assistant Instructor

How long have you been with McKay?
1 Year

Who are you as a professional?
Courtney is an alumna of three years from the Medical Office Assistant here at McKay. She worked in the medical field for a number of years before transitioning to a TA position and then an instructor position in the Medical Administrative Assistant program. Courtney strives to make the experience in the program positive and educational.

More about Courtney…
When she’s not at work, Courtney enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys reading, swimming, and being outside. 

Educational Quote
If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and above all, become passionate about it.”
Ronald Dahl


Keith Parker
Keith Parker - Principal, McKay Career Training

How long have you been with McKay?
25 Years

Who are you as a professional?
Keith is a public relations professional whose career started in sales, starting at Robinhood Multifoods Limited and progressing to Gillette of Canada. At one point he owned and operated a general insurance agency. After a series of career changes, concentrating in sales and marketing early in his career, Keith then enrolled in Toastmasters to further build his self-confidence and public speaking skills. Keith studied Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan after being awarded 2 years in scholarships.

Keith has also represented his home constituency of Moose Jaw as MLA. He, additionally, spent a number of years working with the provincial government. His most enjoyable experience was when he worked as Director of Marketing with the Department of Tourism. Soon after leaving the Department, Keith joined McKay Career Training, and within a few years, became Principal, a role that he has cherished ever since.

More about Keith…
When Keith is not at work, he enjoys sports such as golf and curling, and, had curled quite a bit before a knee injury. He still plays golf regularly.

In 2013, Keith was inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame. Keith also enjoys following the activities and successes of his grandson and granddaughter who are both active in hockey.

Educational Quote
You never grow by how much you win.
You only grow by how much you put in.”
W.A. Clennan


Kimberly Ann Quiring
Kimberly Ann Quiring - Program Director/ Instructor, Medical Office Assistant Program

How long have you been with McKay?
15+ Years

Who are you as a professional?
Kimberly has been in the medical field since 1990 and is an alumnus of the Medical Office Assistant program. She is, additionally, Program Director.

More about Kimberly…
Kimberly is a jovial woman who imparts her knowledge with passion, compassion and humour. She enjoys old horror movies, Harley Davidson motorcycles and crochet in her spare time. On weekends she can often be seen on the highway exploring the small towns and cities in our province. 

Educational Quote
A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his image, but to develop students who can create their own image.”
Lorna Whiston


Lawrence Schulte
Lawrence Schulte - Instructor, Criminal Justice Program

How long have you been with McKay?
6 Years

Who are you as a professional?
Retired after serving 31 years with the Saskatoon Police Service, Lawrence also taught at the Saskatchewan Police College.
He is also an instructor for the Saskatoon Police and a Field Training Officer.
Additionally, he is a Major Crimes Investigator, Professional Standards Investigator.

More about Lawrence…
Lawrence is married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He enjoys hunting, fishing and most outdoor activities. 

Educational Quote
Be good this weekend, if you cant be good, at least be safe.”


Sandy Shukin
Sandy Shukin - Educational Assistant/ Instructor, Medical Office Assistant Program

How long have you been with McKay?
1 Year

Who are you as a professional?
Sandy is the Educational Assistant and one of the instructors for the Medical Office Assistant program. She is a graduate of McKay Career Training in the Medical Office Assistant program. Additionally, Sandy has worked in the field for seven years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

More about Sandy…
When Sandy is not at work, she enjoys spending her time with her family and her two dogs. She likes to go to Saskatoon’s local events and concerts. She also likes to take part in different physical activities such as; bike riding, kickboxing, and yoga. 

Educational Quote
I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.”
Steve Irwin


Kelley Stamnes
Kelley Stamnes - Instructor, Veterinary Office Assistant Program

How long have you been with McKay?
1 Year

Who are you as a professional?
Kelley took the Veterinary Office Assistant program here at McKay Career Training right after graduating High School. After receiving her diploma, Kelley worked at a very fast-paced Animal Hospital for a number of years.

She joined the team at McKay so she can share her knowledge with students who have the same passion for animals as she does!

More about Kelley…
When she is not at work, Kelley enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, hanging out with her rescue dog and cat, and fostering for SCAT Street Cat Rescue.

Educational Quote
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


Lenny Vineham
Lenny Vineham - Instructor, Graphic Design & New Media Production Programs

How long have you been with McKay?
2 Years

Who are you as a professional?
Lenny started his teaching career in Newfoundland, his home province, with Academy Canada and brings to McKay over 22 years experience in the creative and multimedia industries. He additionally attained an Instructor’s Certificate from Memorial University (Newfoundland) in 2015, and, had once led students to visual communications awards for a consecutive 3-year period (2015, 2016, 2017).

Lenny holds the values of equality and respect, highest above all others, as he believes that students learn best in a fair and neutral atmosphere. Additionally, he maintains the school website and is a part of the social media team.

More about Lenny…
In his free time, Lenny likes to spend time with his family. He also enjoys playing piano, and being active outdoors. Lenny is a big sports fan, as well, and hopes, one day, that the Toronto Maple Leafs can come to terms with Lord Stanley 🙂

Educational Quote
Education, is the highest form of Love one can receive.”