If I had a “dollar” for the times I’ve heard, “Procrastination in the last 2 weeks of school is more than the entire rest of the term combined:” I would be a rich person.

Over the course of finals week students usually have two goals; to do well on exams and keep stress to a minimum.

Students are spotted in the hallways trying to find a quiet corner, in the lunch room munching on snacks, and making frequent trips for that coffee at Tim’s.  Sleep? What’s that?!   It’s not uncommon to sleep as much in one week as one would in a single night.

There is no doubt, stress emerges because studying is the top priority…A social life that just doesn’t exist.

In order to be your best on final exams, one must remember some of the basics:

1) Stay Active – exercise (even if it is going for a walk for fresh air)
2) “Try” and get plenty of rest
3) Eat a good breakfast (oatmeal and banana keeps the brain going strong)
4) Stay hydrated
5) Ask for help
6) Talk to someone if you’re feeling overwhelmed

Then the best one – try to leave a bit of time for yourself to re-group.

So good luck on finals!!!