Mental Health and Addictions Courses

Mental Health and Addictions

We have 3 exciting courses available!


Community Crisis Responder

Our course is currently being held virtually

April 13th until June 3rd, 2021
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
8 weeks in length

This course examines the emerging crises in and around our communities. By focusing on clients’ unique and diverse needs, we will explore various barriers that our communities are facing, such as addictions, mental health, domestic violence, racism, and other concerns.

Acknowledging the Truth and Reconciliation act is an integral component of this course, allowing us to learn valuable information on how we can support our Indigenous communities.

This course invites community members to speak on behalf of organizations that provide community supports; to help bridge the gap between community workers and the services offered in our communities.



Abnormal Psychology

Our course is currently being held virtually

May 10th until June 2nd, 2021
Monday and Wednesday Evenings
4 weeks in length

What is Anxiety?

What is Depression?

Why are they on the rise in our schools and communities?

This course provides an examination of the various psychological disorders, as well as theoretical, clinical, and experimental perspectives of the study of psychopathology. Emphasis is placed on terminology, classification, ideology, assessment, and treatment of the major disorders.



Psychology of Addiction & Recovery

Our course is currently being held virtually

May 11th until June 3rd, 2021
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
4 weeks in length

How does drug and alcohol dependancy affect the mind, body, and society?

This course examines the lifestyle of rehabilitation and analyzes various treatments for chemical dependancy and the impact they have on an individual’s mental and physical health.

Students will be introduced to a broad range of concepts as they apply to counselling: group and family dynamics, the stages of change, recovery and relapse, treatment options, and motivational interviewing.



Join us as we learn to navigate difficult situations with confidence, inclusivity, and empathy.

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