Mental Health and Addictions | First Responder course

Mental Health and Addictions First Responder

Mental Health and Addictions
First Responder


Our Course at a Glance…

Class schedule:
August 4th – September 24th, 2020
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
49 Hours of Class

:  $2500
Course length: 8 weeks


first re·spond·er noun
1. someone designated or trained to respond to an emergency. “the lifeguards are trained as first responders”
From Oxford


Using a Community and Culturally Based approach and based on the strength of existing relationships, this class helps facilitate leaders in communities around the province. Saskatchewan is in crisis.

The Covid-19 crisis, Emergency level Suicide Rates, Addictions that are out of control and Missing Indigenous Women. People and communities need help. This class trains individuals within those communities to be First Responders during emergent crisis. Providing immediate support rather than having to rely on outside agencies will facilitate beginning the healing journey immediately Having these First Responders serving the community they live in means that ongoing support is already in place. This class delivers participants an overview of concerns surrounding these ongoing issues.

Using a strength -based approach, students will learn how to address and find solutions to these types of crisis using innovative and experiential methods. The program is inspired and influenced by the strength of the culture and Medicine Wheel concepts.

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