A Passion for Photography

A Passion for Photography…

I see beauty in everything, everywhere I look!  Saskatoon is full of beautiful scenery, interesting people and endless possibilities.  I have always wanted a career where I could allow people to see the world through my eyes.  I wanted to share the beauty of a Saskatchewan field at sunset, or to share the happiness and love that a couple feels on their wedding day.  I had tried working at other jobs, but I didn’t like the confines of an office job.  I wanted to share my creativity through the art of Photography.  I didn’t want to take pictures as my favourite hobby; I wanted to be a Photographer.

As soon as I made the decision to be a Photographer, I started researching schools.  Where I went to school was a  big deal to me.  I wanted to learn from someone who shared my passion for photography.  I felt comfortable with how to use my digital camera, but I wanted to learn more – how to use light to change the way a scene is viewed, how to edit my pictures properly, how to market myself as a Photographer, and so much more.

Right away I was impressed with McKay Career Training.  They seemed genuinely invested in my success and I was excited to learn about film photography and how it might help me with my future career.  The curriculum was detailed, and still allowed for me to be creative.  I saw some of the work done by past students and this fuelled my excitement for the program!  Someday, I wanted to see my picture hanging on the wall at McKay, inspiring future Photographers.

I am so happy that I chose McKay Career Training for my educational training!  At McKay I learned how to open a photography business or find employment in the photographic field.  The course covered art, history, theory, technical, practical, and professional aspects of the photography industry.  At the end of the program I was allowed to pick and focus on a specialty that best suited my skill set and interests to make my final portfolio assignment.  If you are interested in Photography, visit McKay Career Training.  You’ll be glad you did!  Your career starts here…